Thief Walkthrough – Client Job 2: Happy Medium

By Staff
3 March 2014 09:43 GMT

In this section you can complete the Remain Undetected and two Combat Takedown Thieving Challenges.


In this job you follow Lenny the Drunk back to his hideout and collect the South Quarter Sluices plaque along the way. When you’re back at the Eelbiter’s hideout Garratt will be able to perform two Combat Takedowns and the Remain Undetected Challenge. And you’ll also find The Talking Skull in this job, before making your escape.

Thieving Challenges

• Remain Undetected – 200 G
• Take No Damage – 90 G
• 2 Combat Takedowns – 25 G
• Lift All Loot Items – 175 G

You must complete Chapter 2: Dust to Dust to unlock this client job from Vittori.

Objective 1: Find a Clue to the Skull’s Whereabouts

You’ll have no choice but to kill or club guards in this section if you plan to complete all the Thieving Challenges. As you work through this job make sure you look as you go – there’s stacks of good here – and grabbing it all with complete the Lift All Loot Items challenge.

Also, if you are detected at any point you will fail the job. Complete the job and you earn the Remain Undetected challenge.

Firstly, listen to Lenny the Drunk’s conversation and remain unseen. He’s so drunk he won’t detect you so don’t worry if he gets all up in your grill, you don’t need to hide from him.

Objective 2: Open the Gate for Lenny the Drunk

Grab the loot and vault the wall to open the gate for Lenny. You now have to guide the drunk through the streets.

Objective 3: Keep Lenny Moving to Reach His Hideout

Lenny begins rambling with two guards, so this is your cue to quickly loot the surrounding area. Like most drunk’s he takes his time so don’t rush. To the right of Lenny is a valve which you’ll need to turn, so wait until a guard is distracted by lighting his smoke. Boom. Turn the light off and follow Lenny.

When he starts flirting with a woman sneak to the west and use the Wrench Tool to grab the City Heritage Plagues (11/16) – South Quarter Sluices. See that other valve? Turn it to give Lenny’s sweetheart a wash and you’re on your way once again. Pick the next locked gate for Lenny and he’s home at his hideout.

Objective 4: Steal the Skull

Keep away from Lenny while he shouts to his fellow gang members and sneak in when everyone moves inside. Once the (long) conversation is over sneak up behind the Eelbiter and knock him out and then move on to Lenny and give him the same treatment. Loot the main floor and collect Whiteridge’s Duty (2/6) – The Constant Lady from the chest.

There’s an Eelbiter in the basement, so take him down with a Broadhead Arrow to the knee and finish him off. That’s you’re first Combat Takedown. Grab all the loot and head back through the main floor and up the stairs.

Use the same trick on the second Eelbiter – shoot him in the knee and club him with the Blackjack. That’s your Combat Takedown challenge complete. You’ll also find Client Loot (4/8) – The Talking Skull here.

Objective 5: Return to the City

Double check you’ve stripped this location of all loot and head out the west window on the first floor. Head back the way you came and stay in the shadows to earn the Remain Undetected challenge.

Thief walkthrough – complete all Client Jobs, unlock Working Overtime & solve all puzzles.

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