Nintendo’s F2P Darumeshi Sports Shop releasing in North America as Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 15 February 2014 14:27 GMT

Darumeshi Sports Shop, the first free-to-play title released by Nintendo in Japan, will be heading to North America under the title Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball.

Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball

This is Nintendo’s second free-to-play title to be released in the west, the first being Steel Diver: Sub Wars which released earlier this week.

Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball stars dog named Rusty Slugger who is an ex-baseball player and owns a sports store. He is in dire need of money as he has 10 puppies to feed.

You as the customer, will purchase mini-games from Rusty, such as Bat & Switch, Cage Match, Drop & Pop, Volley Bat, and more per Siliconera.

The game and its first mini-game will be free, and the other mini-games will cost $4 each. You can end up paying less though if you can successfully haggle with Rusty, using doughnuts or being a good listener when he tells you of his problems. Put him in a better mood, and he may knock the price of a mini-game down for you.

Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball will be available this April for Nintendo 3DS through the eShop.

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Darumeshi Sports Shop

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Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball