Redux: Dark Matters may jump from Dreamcast to 3DS, Wii U

By Brenna Hillier, Thursday, 30 January 2014 05:36 GMT

Redux: Dark Matters, the crowdfunded Dreamcast title released earlier this week, may make the jump to a slightly less popular platform, and the 3DS. Oh yeah, I went there.


Wii U bashing aside – for now, developer René Hellwig told NintendoLife that HUCAST.Net and KonTechs Ltd have plans to bring the shooter to consoles you don’t have to haul out of the bottom of your linen closet, where they’ve been holding up your long-neglected ab crunch machines.

“We have plans for Wii U and 3DS. We think Redux would look amazing with stereoscopic 3D graphics,” Hellwig said.

“Since we developed the game on PC with HD graphics it will be easy for us to port the game to Nintendo consoles. Nintendo is more straightforward with Indie devs, and we believe that in the coming years Nintendo consoles will be a great place to publish indie games.”

Dave, who still has a Dreamcast, reviewed Redux: Dark Matters and called it “bastard hard”. You see how years of focus-tested modern games have softened us.

Thanks, Cubed3.

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