Dota 2 Bloom Festival adds second new hero, replay Takeovers

By Brenna Hillier, Wednesday, 29 January 2014 05:02 GMT

Dota 2’s latest event, the Bloom Festival, adds not one but two new heroes to the mix – so far. Read on for details of the new face and other additions.


According to day three of the Bloom Festival reveal, new roster member Phoenix is literally a star. A conscious cosmic being, this “infant son of suns” has taken a terrestrial form in order to bring warmth “wherever events seem their darkest”. A good counter to yesterday’s demonic Terrorblade, then.

Phoenix has the following abilities:

  • Icarus Dive – Swoop forward in a fierce arc, slowing and damaging all enemies in your path.
  • Fire Spirits – Spend health to summon spirits which can be launched at your foes to burn them over time.
  • Sun Ray – Sacrifice vitality to blast your enemies, and heal your allies, with a beam of searing light.
  • Supernova – Become a core of fusing energy that burns nearby enemies which, if allowed to detonate, will stun foes and renew your strength.

The Bloom Update will also add an odd new feature – the ability to jump into replays and take over. Hit the Takeover button to create a lobby where everyone picks on the of the available roles and dives into recreate history. It sounds like a great training tool, actually, and don’t worry – Takeovers count as entirely new matches for statistics purposes.

Visit the update page to learn more, and to check out details of new items and other changes; it’s worth checking yesterday’s update, too.

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