Spin The Bottle gets six new mini-games

By Mike Irving, Monday, 27 January 2014 05:27 GMT

Spin The Bottle: Bumpie’s Party, the Wii U party game focused on kinda-flirty physical contact between players, is receiving six new mini-games next month.

As announced on its Facebook page, the update is due on February 13, and while it will be free for current owners of the game, it will bump the price up to €8.99/$11.99 for new players.

The patch includes the following mini-games, bring the total number up to 23.

Act Like An Animal: pretty self-explanatory. One player is shown a photo of an animal, and must get their partner to guess what it is by acting it out.

Put Your Hat On: using the GamePad’s camera, the players must scan the room and find the hat, floating somewhere. One player must position themselves so it’s sitting on their head, while their partner takes a photo with the GamePad.

Footie Ball: Two players complete in a ball game on the GamePad – using only their feet.

Don’t Laugh: One team has to keep a straight face, the other has to make them laugh by any means necessary.

Body Twister: One player has to hold the GamePad to a body part, while their partner has to tap the screen with a designated body part of their own. Expect shoulder-to-butt action on this one.

Nature Photographer: Two players hold the GamePad, standing shoulder to shoulder, and must scan the room together to take pictures of an AR butterfly.

The update also includes some minor tweaks, new features and bonus challenges.

Thanks, Polygon.

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