Games could help companies assess potential new-hires, says consultancy

By Dave Cook, Monday, 27 January 2014 08:29 GMT

It’s hard to imagine many vocations that require mad no-scope skills in Call of Duty as a skill, but thanks to one company, the medium of videogames could serve as a yardstick for potential new hires, and their ability to multi-task, remember important data and other office skills.

In a New York Times article, economist at M.I.T. Erik Brynjolfsson discussed the business of pairing people with ideal jobs based on their skill-set. You can see it today across the wealth of CV sites and agencies out here today. He is also a consultant at a firm called Knack, which created games to help identify better candidates at interview stage.

Knack has provided services to several big clients already, including Shell, and its game Wasabi Waiter is just one title employed by the firm in helping along the recruitment process. It sees player multi-tasking by serving up sushi dishes to customers, and making menu suggestions. The idea is that employers can monitor a person’s reactivity, decision-making and other skills required for the hectic office environment.

Have a gander at the Knack website and see what you think. Could this take off in a big way? Let us know below.

Via Gamespot.

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