EA and Microsoft paying YouTubers for endorsements complies with FTC guidelines

By Mike Irving, Monday, 27 January 2014 06:26 GMT

YouTubers being paid for positive coverage of games doesn’t breach the Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines, according to a spokesperson.

After news broke last week about EA and Microsoft paying prominent YouTube personalities for positive coverage of their games, questions of ethics were thrown about. Speaking to Polygon, Betsy Lordan, a representative of the FTC’s Office of Public Affairs, said that
according to FTC guidelines, paid promotions are fine as long as it’s made clear that the endorser is being paid. These are in place “to help advertisers and endorsers comply with federal advertising law”, but on their own, “are not legally enforceable”.

If these guidelines are not followed, no direct penalty is applicable. However, the FTC may conduct an investigation into the offending parties to determine whether federal advertising law has been breached.

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