Planetside 2 Hossin continent expected by May

By Brenna Hillier, Thursday, 23 January 2014 02:12 GMT

Planetside 2 has a busy six months ahead, according to the latest developer roadmap update from Sony Online Entertainment.

The shooter MMO’s roadmap was recently refreshed, and now shows the following targets:

  • January – performance improvements, Player Studio updates, spawn changes for both players and vehicles
  • February – mission system update, Infiltrator class update, voiceover packs, camo bundles, death screen update
  • March – outfit recruiting, outfit base capture refinement, Liberator class refresh, additional melee weapon customization, Player Studio attachments for the Harasser weapon
  • April – Combat Medic class update, Directives (introducing session-to-session goals), integrated tutorials, new alert types, outfit leaderboards
  • May – Hossin continent, continent locking, Sunderer vehicle update, Light Assault class revamp
  • June – resource system revamp, new alert type

Expect this content to turn up rather more consistently than these monthly goals suggest, as SOE recently announced weekly Planetside 2 updates.

The PlayStation 4 port is, alas, as yet undated.

Thanks, Shack News.

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