PayDay 2 update allows for “Infamous” prestige progress wipes

By Brenna Hillier, Thursday, 23 January 2014 00:19 GMT

PayDay 2’s next update will let veteran players reset their progress in order to unlock the highly exclusive Infamy skill tree.

According to the Infamy PayDay 2 website update, you’ll need to have maxed out your character and have at least $200 million in your off-shore account to reset your progress.

Having done so, you’ll lose all your skills, levels and cash on hand, as well as the $200 million fee. In return, you’ll receive one Infamy level, one Infamy card, and be granted one point to spend on the new Infamy skill tree.

You’ll also keep all your purchases – guns, mods, masks and materials – but you won’t be able to use them till you reach the appropriate levels again.

There are five levels of Infamy available, although only one will be available when the update goes live – it’ll take a while for you to be ready for the next one. When you spend the Infamy point you receive at each level, you’ll be given access to a tier of purchasable equipment which can’t be obtained any other way.

See some of this exclusive gear in the screenshots below.

Thanks, Polygon.

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