Yakuza Restoration video compares PS3 and PS4 versions

By Brenna Hillier, Wednesday, 22 January 2014 00:06 GMT

Yakuza Restoration is releasing simultaneously on PlayStation 3 and PS4, and Yakuza Studio has put together a developer commentary video showing how the two versions compare.

The video is in Japanese, but according to Siliconera producer Masayoshi Yokoyama discusses the differences between the two versions.

First and foremost, the PS4 version runs at 60FPS while the PS3 is set at 30FPS; it’s hard to judge that though, as YouTube videos only display up to 30FPS.

The PS4 version also has higher resolution text and better shadows, and greater details in clothing textures, although apparently both versions use the same character model. Animations are better in the PS4 version, too, but cutscenes are almost identical.

Yokoyama stressed that all these improvements are cosmetic, as both versions will have exactly the same content and gameplay, so potential buyers should make their decision based on how important the visual polish is. See for yourself in the video below. The side-by-side comparisons begin at about 4:30.

Yakuza Restoration, otherwise known as Yakuza Ishin, arrives on both consoles in Japan towards the end of February. A western release has not been confirmed, but then again, we still haven’t had any word about Yakuza 5 coming west, and that released in December 2012.

Yakuza Ishin departs from the series formula in abandoning present-day Japan in favour of the restoration era, re-imagining events if protagonist Kazuma Kiryu had been embroiled in the assassination of Ryomo Sakamoto. So swords instead of guns and street brawls, and play spots rather than arcades.

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