SOMA’s latest screenshot and radio transmission reveal that something has gone rogue

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 22 January 2014 17:01 GMT

SOMA, which is in development from Amnesia: The Dark Descent studio Frictional Games, has a new screenshots and radio message for you to peruse over. The horror title is set for release on PC and PS4 in 2015. Thanks, Gematsu.

Transcription of radio message intercepted at XX/XX/XXX.

UNKNOWN: Look, this is the short version. — [CORRUPT DATA] — gone rogue. We’re not sure what it’s up to, but it looks like it’s messing with the help. Are you hurt in any way, are you guys okay?

AMY: — [CORRUPT DATA] — are turning on us! We need to get out of here.

UNKNOWN: Hold on, don’t panic. Carl, tell Amy to calm down. You guys can’t have much left to do before evac.

CARL: Calm down, Amy.

AMY: You calm down!

An alarm is heard in UNKNOWN’s mic.

UNKNOWN: Shit. I got to go. Stay the course, ok? Stay the —

Static outburst after which the signal is lost.

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