Evolve: Trapper & Support classes detailed, new images inside

By Dave Cook, Friday, 17 January 2014 08:43 GMT

Evolve developer Turtle Rock Studios has detailed the co-op shooter’s Trapper and Support classes, and their abilities, along with some new screens. Get the skinny here.

It follows the reveal of Evolve’s assault class Markov. Hit the link for a run-down of this skills and weapons, as well as more co-op details.

Now, GameInformer has focused on one of Evolve’s Trapper characters Griffin, and Support hunter Hank. As you probably know by now, there are multiple characters per class for a sense of variety.

Griffin’s role as Trapper is to detect and restrain alien creatures using his harpoon gun. It can be used to tether creatures to the hunter, but if the player-controlled alien managed to attack him, the bond is severed and it is set free. Among his arsenal of gadgets are Sound Spikes, little proximity devices that can detect nearby creatures, leaving him open to stalk them with his sub-machine gun.

We previously reported on the Trapper’s Mobile Arena skill, which lays down a force field dome that contains any wildlife inside. However, it also means that friendlies can’t enter the contained area.

Next up is Hank the Support class hunter, who can use his shield gun to deploy ad hoc cover in the field. He’s fond of assault rifles and also comes with a laser cutter that can be used to attack wildlife or point out threats nearby. His area-of-effect attack is the Orbital Barrage, which sounds like it probably involves lots of explosive stuff raining down from the skies, which is no bad thing of course. Hank can also go invisible with his cloaking skill.

GameInformer’s next reveal will focus on Evolve’s Medic class. Stay tuned for more.

MP1st has the new images here. They’re watermarked so I won’t embed them here.

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