Starbound beta patch will wipe progress “hopefully” for the last time, dev promises

By Dave Cook, Wednesday, 15 January 2014 10:23 GMT

Starbound developer Chucklefish has confirmed that the game’s incoming beta patch will wipe player progress “hopefully” for the last time.

We covered the contents of the Starbound patch through the link. Hit it to see what’s getting added and changed.

Over on the Starbound blog, Chucklefish wrote, “there’s also the highly anticipated/possibly feared final character wipe– this patch contains a fix for save files so after this, you won’t need to worry about our patches destroying your characters or ships.

“This patch will wipe everything– characters, ships and worlds. It will definitely be the last time we’ll need to wipe characters or ships, and will hopefully be the last time we’ll need to wipe worlds.”

An explanation from developer Kyren adds, “The problem is that the organization of planets may change so if they go muck with a planet, how do we put it in the celestial map? Or if they build on a biome we remove, or something. So no promises, but we’ll try. But promises on the player / ship.”

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Via Eurogamer.

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