Origin users spent 61 billion minutes playing games in 2014

By Brenna Hillier, Wednesday, 15 January 2014 22:23 GMT

Origin may not yet claim to rival Steam’s near-ubiquitous grasp on PC gaming, but it’s still getting a fair work out.

According to Polygon, EA released an infographic about Origin use during 2013 noting that players had collectively spent a whopping 61 billion minutes gaming on the service.

We can sit here and do some horrifying maths if you like; that works out at 11,5981 years.

The play time count was totted up over 1.3 billion sessions, suggesting the average gameplay sessions is about 45 minutes long. EA also noted that players unlocked 159 million achievements and held close to 300 million chat conversations.

Unfortunately, EA did not provide an updated user count, so we can’t really draw any conclusions as to the service’s growth. Last time EA checked in was July 2013, when Origin had passed 50 million registrations.

Origin is available for Mac and PC, and is the only digital distribution option for many triple-A EA games released on both systems in the last few years. Examples include Mass Effect 3 and Battlefield 4. Users can also link their console network IDs to their Origin ID, allowing for a persistent online presence across the publisher’s catalogue.

Rival Steam has over 75 million users, Valve announced today.

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