League of Legends patch 4.1 is about “refinement and retuning,” contents discussed

By Dave Cook, Wednesday, 15 January 2014 12:32 GMT

League of Legends developer Riot Games has shed light on its 4.1 patch. Find out what’s what in here.

It follows news that former World of Warcraft lead system designer Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street has joined Riot Games.

Now, Riot’s player relations chap Chris Tom discussed the patch in a new blog post.

Tom began, “The general theme of patch 4.1 is more refinement and tuning. We’re in the process of de-fogging more of those outliers like Shyvana, Riven and Annie. That said, now that the dust has settled we can also take another look at modernizing certain items (the Spirit line of jungle items, for example) and systems (2v1 lane swaps).”

This is a huge patch so I won’t be pasting it all here this time. Highlights include changes to Annie, Evelynn, Janna, Jinx, Nasus, Rengar, Riven, Shyvana, Thresh, Yasuo and more.

You can get the full notes over on the League of Legends blog.

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