Lord of the Rings Online license extended to 2017

By Matt Martin, Tuesday, 14 January 2014 08:26 GMT

Turbine has eased fears about the future of the MMO by stating it has an agreement in place for LOTRO until 2017.

Speaking on the official forums, community manager Sapience tried to reassure players the game wasn’t in decline following news yesterday that Turbine is not creating any new dungeons or raids.

“I just wanted to drop in and address the concerns surrounding the license, again. We have said as far back as July of 2013, we plan to support LOTRO for many years to come. I really want to be as clear as possible on this subject to avoid any further confusion or misunderstanding. The license was renewed.”

Further in the conversation with players Sapience confirmed, “We have an agreement that runs through 2017.”

Thanks Polygon.

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Lord Of The Rings Online


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