Yakuza Ishin’s play spots replace arcades, activities detailed inside

By Dave Cook, Friday, 10 January 2014 08:42 GMT

Yakuza Ishin is set in the Edo period so naturally, the only arcade game they had was Computer Space. Since Sega doesn’t own the license to Bushnell’s space shooter, here’s a list of more historically-appropriate activities to enjoy in the game.

It follows this Yakuza Ishin PS Vita cross-play trailer, detailing a variety of handheld activities.

Gematsu reports that karaoke bars will return at least, giving players the chance to wail along with Japanese tunes with any characters they befriend along the way.

There’s also a ‘Japanese Dance’ game which sees Ryoma shuffling along to tunes as players match on-screen prompts. Good performance will fill his “Climax Performance” bar, building him up to his ultimate moves. You can also bet on chicken races, prepare udon noodle dishes as a local eatery to help raise profits, and if you’re feeling cheeky, head over to the brothel.

Inside, you can play rock, paper, scissors with patrons, partake in a drinking contest or sober up a woman called Anna by playing a shooting game. The aim is to blast away at her drunkenness by defeating “Buzzkill Blocks.” Good performance results in a private dance. We’re not sure about that last one.

There’s also some tie-ins with real-world shops, similar to previous Yakuza games. The confirmed chains are Sushi Zanmai, Don Quxiote, Hanamaru Udon , Kamatora , Izakaya Hanako , Shogoin Yatsuhashi , Fujisoba and Watami.

Finally, there’s some training games that see you fighting mechanical scarecrows, slicing cannonballs in half as they’re fired right at you, and chopping wood.

Lots to do, lots to see and it’s still not confirmed for Europe. Do you want it? Let us know below.

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