Xbox 360 Pizza Hut app made $1 million in just four months

By Dave Cook, Thursday, 9 January 2014 09:41 GMT

Cholesterol dispensary Pizza Hut has revealed that its Xbox 360 app netted the fast food chain $1 million in just four months.

Speaking with Polygon, Pizza Hut spokesperson Doug Terfehr said, “It’s been a source of unbelievable growth for us,” and added, “Just the explosion of people who wanted to download it, experiment with it, play with it with Kinect. As soon as we did one, everyone was contacting us to do the next [one]. When you talk about a sweet spot for the pizza category it’s definitely gamers and gaming. We’re not done in that space.”

Back when the Pizza Hut app launched on Xbox 360, Microsoft’s Larry Hryb said, “We’re always looking at ways to give our audience more of what they’re interested in. If you look at our audience, they love pizza. I mean, who doesn’t? It has international appeal, and Pizza Hut is a recognized brand that matches up well with the Xbox brand.”

Do you game and chomp pizza? Would you like to see this app brought over to other regions? Let us know below.

Also, pineapple on pizza is just wrong right? Or is that just me?


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