Outrise in development by industry veterans, blends Shadow of the Colossus & Left 4 Dead

By Dave Cook, Tuesday, 7 January 2014 08:30 GMT

Outrise is a new shooter project that brings together talent from Ubisoft, Crytek and Hawken studio Adhesive Games. Project lead James Wearing has billed the game as a blend of Shadow of the Colossus and Left 4 Dead. It features grunts fighting big stompy robots. You guys like those, right?

Speaking with Polygon, Wearing confirmed that Outrise is set in 2094 and sees the world controlled by the United States Federation, a group controlling the world’s last currency – CryptoCoin – to keep the world under its heel. Outrise is a hacker group bent on bringing down the USF regime by toppling their gigantic robotic death machines.

It is planned that Outrise will see 16 players drop into a map to work together with their load-outs to take down giant boss mechs. Around six or seven devs have worked on the project for over a year in their spare time, Wearing told the site, and added, “I wanted to build something that was old school in its charm. I grew up watching RoboCop and Terminator, so I wanted to make a game that had the magic that old school sci-fi had that we don’t really see any more.”

Wearing’s team aren’t an official studio yet, and the project needs funding to get going. He added, “We’ve gotten it conceptually to a place where we’re ready for the next step. We’re exploring funding options — it could be Kickstarter, it could be private money — we’re open to whatever the right path might be.”

It’ll offer public matches, private lobbies, random boss encounters and more. Polygon has more through the link above and we’ve got concept art below.

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