Twitch personality claims home was raided following DDoS – report [UPDATE]

By Dave Cook, Saturday, 4 January 2014 20:41 GMT

Reports have surfaced that YouTube personality and prominent Twitch streamer James “PhantomL0rd” Varga , whose streams were hit with a DDoS attack, was well aware that DERP were planning to bring his stream down – so he struck a deal with the lot.

According to a report posted over on Motherboard, Varga contacted DERP and struck a deal: should his team began losing, then it could DDoS his server. Varga’s team started losing, so the group attacked.

Game Informer noted that instead of notifying moderators on Twitch, Varga contacted DERP instead in order to boost his sub count.

In the end, instead of stopping his stream, Varga gained viewers – all told 100,000 at one point – and continued to display advertisements while gaining new subscribers at $4.99 per month each.

He even went so far as to put his channel on “sub mode,” so that the only way to join the conversation was to pay the fee.

“It’s chill to intervene with you, the public, the fans, and with these guys,” he said during the stream at one point. The Twitch stream remained live, showing the DDoSers in the act, violating Twitch’s ToS in the process. Twitch did not take the stream down.

There’s even evidence supporting the fact “more than a dozen armed police” showing up at Varga’s door and handcuffing him never happened.

Game Inform’er Mike Futter spoke with the Los Angeles Police Department who “flatly denied anything of the sort in their jurisdiction.”

Glendale police said there was “no proof of his allegations.”

You can read more on this through the links.

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Original Story

DERP, the hacker group behind DDoS attacks on Steam, Origin, and League of Legends has apparently pranked YouTube personality and prominent Twitch streamer PhantomL0rd, faking a hostage situation at his address and getting his home raided in the process.

We have reports on the Steam, Origin, and League of Legends DDoS attacks through the relevant links.

Kotaku reports that these attacks have been carried out by DERP to target one player, YouTuber PhantomL0rd. However, DERP has not stepped forward to claim responsibility for the prank, and its involvement has not been confirmed. Treat this as a report for now.

In the video above – about the 22 minute mark – he explains that his address has been revealed and that yesterday morning, armed police came to his home to investigate a hostage situation that was brought to their attention.

Then, at the 40 minute mark, he claims that every game he tried to play on Twitch was taken down by attacks, and that they were fuelled by his pursuit of monetising his streams.

After the ordeal he then wrote on Facebook, “woah that last post was written like shit… sorry xD.. Was shaken up I guess. Handcuffs hurt like a bitch.. I’m good guys. More updates soon, promise. Love all of you.”

We’ll have more on this matter as it transpires. Stay Tuned.

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