D4: don’t expect it on any platform besides Xbox One, cautions Swery

By Dave Cook, Wednesday, 27 November 2013 10:50 GMT

D4 – or ‘Dark Dreams Don’t Die’ – creator Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro has stressed that the Xbox One title is only coming out on Microsoft’s console. It’s also not a Deadly Premonition sequel.

Speaking with GamingBolt, Swery said, “Please don’t expect to be able to play D4 on any platform besides the Xbox One. Please understand that D4 is not a sequel to Deadly Premonition.” He added, “This is not what you think about with Kinect. This game is something the core will be able to enjoy and see why Kinect is a great enhancement to gaming as a whole.”

Bigging up the title, he added, “We’re working hard on the production of this new title – D4 – by setting up the foundation of “emotional involvement” and “realistic senses and feelings”. I feel that we are basically creating a kind of game that’s really the first of its kind. We’re aiming to create the sort of game that will truly become an “experience” in the players’ lives, and I really think you’ll like what we have in store.”

When quizzed about the game’s length he added, “For each episode, I’m thinking it’ll be about 90~120 minutes for the main parts. We’re working hard to include meta-games and side quests on top of that.”

D4 follows a private investigator as he tried to unravel events surrounding his wife’s death. It involves a lot of time-hopping and sleuthing.

What do you make of it so far? Let us know below.

Via OXM.

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