Angry Birds Go in-app purchases include £70 car, energy system

By Dave Cook, Wednesday, 27 November 2013 11:28 GMT

Angry Birds Go is out in New Zealand and it has a lot of microtransactions. An early report reveals the inclusion of a £70 car, an energy system, paid currencies and more.

The details come from Pocket Gamer, which as appraised the title in a new preview. Here’s the purchase screen for the Big Bang Special Edition car, in New Zealand dollars.

That’s £69.99 / $99.99.

The report adds that you have to grind the same two tracks multiple times to earn coins, which are then spent on unlocking new courses and car upgrades. Upgrading your ride boosts its CC rating, which also needs to hit a certain level before you can enter events. If you can’t be arsed, you can pay for gems to skip the grind. You’ll find a small trickle of gems in races too, the emphasis being on ‘small’.


You can also buy additional game modes, or unlock them buy purchasing a Telepod toy and scanning it into the game. To cap it off there’s an energy system, meaning you can play five races before your bird gets sleepy, at which point you can wait for them to wake up again or pay for them to continue.

The alternative is to unlock more birds and swap your sleepy racer for an awake one, but you’ll need to unlock them first.

Angry Birds Go is out on our shores from December 11 on iOS and Android

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