Thief QTEs ditched by Eidos Montreal

By Dave Cook, Friday, 15 November 2013 10:10 GMT

Thief developer Eidos Montreal has ditched the reboot’s controversial QTE mechanics, after a negative reaction from fans.

It follows this batch of Thief screenshots and concept art, detailing the game’s first mission ‘Lockdown’.

Now, the studio confirmed the dropping of QTEs over on its development blog. During the post, community manager Valerie Bourdeau said, “We’re not implementing them. To begin with, there were very few instances of QTEs in the game; in fact there was only one in that whole hour-long E3 demo. However, given the strong reactions it evoked in the press and the community, it was an easy decision to do away with them entirely. So we’re not doing it. No quick time.”

Are you happy that the QTEs have been dropped? Let us know below.

Via Eurogamer.

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