InFamous: Second Son – five minutes of gameplay turns up

By Brenna Hillier, Thursday, 14 November 2013 22:56 GMT

Here’s a couple of minutes of direct-feed InFamous: Second Son gameplay, which has appeared online somewhat mysteriously.

It’s possible this video was released as part of Sony’s recent New York press junket for the PlayStation 4, but no other sites have gone live with footage, suggesting it may have been leaked ahead of an embargo. Better take a look at it now, in case Sony issues a take down.

As many of the video’s comments note, we’ve got a bit of a problem with now that we’ve gone next-gen, in that YouTube site’s compression and frame rate mean this kind of footage is not representative of what you’ll see when you have a PS4 or Xbox One hooked up to your HD telly.

A PS4 exclusive, InFamous will be dated this week, probably on SpikeTV’s PS4 All Access today; we’re not sure if it’s still coming in February, something we’ve expected since August.

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