RuneScape devs launch charity drive using in-game gold, hope to fix its economy

By Ewan Miller, Thursday, 31 October 2013 22:46 GMT

RuneScape’s developer Jagex has launch a charity drive in which players can donate their in-game gold and bonds to the developers, who promise to donate $1 to charity for every 10 million gold pieces players donate for a month. The program has so far gathered more than $11,000 and according to Jagex, will serve as the gold sink RuneScape’s economy needs, given that the game has been struggling with dramatic inflation over the last few years.

Jagex’s CEO Riaan Hodgson said the Well of Goodwill program is the “perfect system”, allowing players to “support worthy causes” without impacting “their own real-world pockets”.

Although Jagex expects the number of charities to expand over time, the drive has launched supporting Willow, SpecialEffect, Action For Kids, GamesAid and The Internet Watch Foundation.

Nice to see a developer attempting to fix an in-game problems and a bunch of out of game ones at the same time.

In other charity news, the Extra Life livestreaming will begin tomorrow, so look forward to that.

Thanks, Gamespot.

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