Destiny may use Xbox One Kinect or PS4 touch-pad, Bungie suggests

By Dave Cook, Thursday, 31 October 2013 10:51 GMT

Destiny developer Bungie is currently tinkering away with Microsoft’s new Kinect sensor and Sony’s DualShock 4 touch-pad, and it seems like the studio may have plans for them both.

Speaking with Desti-Nation, community manager David Dague was quizzed about whether or not the team was exploring both control options and replied, “Certainly, We have next gen dev kits in the studio. We are playing with them and seeing what these new systems have to provide. You’ll understand those plans once you get the controller in your hand, until then it’s all a matter of development.”

Curious. The above almost reads like a nod and a wink doesn’t it? But don’t treat it as gospel however.

OXM suggests that the line about having controllers in your hand could pertain to Destiny having some form of hybrid motion and analogue features.

Speaking of which, what do you think Bungie could do with the tech to make Destiny more immersing? Let us know what you think below.

Meanwhile, you can check out my epic Destiny interview with Bungie here.

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