Arma 3’s first campaign episode launches, gets trailer

By Ewan Miller, Thursday, 31 October 2013 21:36 GMT

Bohemia Interactive has launched the first of Arma 3’s three episode campaign today on Steam, which the game notoriously didn’t have at launch. About 1.5GB to download, this first episode is called ‘Survive’ and casts you in the role of a peacekeeper on the game’s fictional island nation of Altis. Five years after the US stopped a conflict their mandate for peacekeeping is up, but pulling out has led to more war, as just about everything seems to.

Going by the trailer, the campaign seems to involve a fair bit of helicopters taking off and then subsequently landing, as well as some shooting while both leaning out of cover and walking slowly towards the enemy. You might even get to shoot some enemies at night when it’s bright green. It’s kind of weird how ubiquitous night vision has become. The easiest two ways to establish it’s night in fiction are to show the moon or make everything bright green.

Also in this update are a bunch of new toys for the editors, including weapons, houses and even some scripting, so look forward to even crazier user missions if you’re a fan.

The campaign trailer didn’t have a lot of the computer squadmate calling out enemy locations, I wonder if there’s enough custom dialog in the missions to avoid having to use that.

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