Julie Uhrman says it’s “inevitable” major publishers will come to Ouya

By Ewan Miller, Wednesday, 30 October 2013 21:19 GMT

Speaking at Gamesbeat, Ouya’s CEO Julie Uhrman said major publishers such as Activision or Electronic Arts will inevitably start making games for the Android microconsole. But why they haven’t made the jump yet? “The [major] publishers are always late to the newest business models”. After the break, Uhrman explains why you shouldn’t expect Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto ports for the Ouya.

“The reason I don’t have a Call of Duty or a Madden or a FIFA on Ouya is because there’s a perfectly good place to play those games today. When those publishers come to us, they’re going to bring the perfect games [for] our platform” she explained.

Although she didn’t elaborate on what the Ouya’s perfect game might be, she did say “it won’t be the same thing” as we’ve seen before.

In order to find what that marketplace is looking for, Uhrman praised Kickstarter as both a funding source and a source of market validation.

“You can put your idea out there and figure out if gamers want it. The benefit of a crowdfunding site is there is evidence: You have the backers and the dollars they spent.”

The Ouya certainly found its market validation on Kickstarter, with its campaign raising almost $9 million. A revised version of the console with an updated controller and internals was announced recently.

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