Rose and Time rereleased on Ouya after Free the Games funding cancelled for ‘scams’

By Ewan Miller, Thursday, 24 October 2013 00:26 GMT

Sophie Houlden has announced that her “time-travelling stealth game” Rose and Time has returned to the Ouya’s marketplace, following the the company’s policy change regarding the Free the Games Fund.

Houlden said the decision to return Rose and Time to the store was driven by her initial problems no longer existing at the company.

“When I first pulled the game and wrote some very harsh things, there was the impression of a lack of humility from the company; hard to reach, only mentioning the good, and glossing over problems.”

However, despite claiming the company only had a “tiny chance to get [her] back”, the quick response of the company to developer criticism regained her trust.

“Listening to developers, responding quickly, showing humility, and of course showing passion. All the reasons I pulled the game for, were non-existent after just that week.”

Not that she thinks the company will get it right every time.

“Will the company screw up again? probably. Will they do something that pisses me off? almost certainly! But I believe when it happens the company will be receptive to criticism and will not be afraid to say “my bad” if they realise they took a wrong step”

Thanks, Polygon.

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