BIT.TRIP.RUN! accidentally releases a week early on the iTunes Store, gets pulled

By Ewan Miller, Thursday, 24 October 2013 00:59 GMT

Someone accidentally pushed a button and BIT.TRIP.RUN!, the universal iOS port of Bit Trip Runner 2: Future Legend of the Rhythm Alien was accidentally released on the New Zealand App Store for a little while, before getting pulled. The release, which was priced at $5.29 in NZ, requires iOS 6.0 and is optimised for iPhone 5 equivalent devices. Check the trailer below.

The page described the game as including three worlds with 30 normal levels alongside 12 challenge and 15 retro stages. Additionally, the page promises a free update with two more worlds and another 20 levels.

Speaking with Polygon, Gaijin Games’ associate producer Dant Rambo said the studio arrived at swipe controls for the port after making “a deal with a demonic bird who said it would help us create the perfect control scheme if we gave it our souls”.

He also delved into the microtransactions new to this version of the game, which presumably helped them charge ~$6 less on iOS than on PC and consoles. “Our intention is to allow plenty of content that is optional for the player to unlock and explore, but they still have a full experience even if they don’t unlock a thing. Costumes, characters and levels can be unlocked with the gold you collect normally in the game. These items are not priced so that you’ll have to grind or be forced to buy gold. The option to buy gold is there for people who want to get that content right away instead of waiting. We definitely don’t want to nickel and dime the players.”

Lastly, Rambo explained that the name change from Runner 2: Legend of the Rhythm Alien was not only to shorten the amazing title for a larger market, but also to prevent the “2” from scaring players who might not have played Runner 1, which didn’t come to iOS.

BIT.TRIP.RUN! is set to arrive on all iOS devices on Halloween, or October 31st. Or if you’re a lucky New Zealander, you might already have it.

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