Sanctum 2 The Pursuit DLC due this week, adds four maps

By Brenna Hillier, Wednesday, 23 October 2013 00:52 GMT

Sanctum 2’s third DLC pack drops this week, bringing more perks, towers and weapon upgrades to Coffee Stain Studios’ first-person strategy effort.

The Pursuit is due on PC on October 25 and continues on from the story of previous expansion Ruins of Brightholme, with players hunting down their main adversary.

The core content is as follows:

  • Weaponry – Take advantage of two new weapons: Grenade Launcher and Drone Launcher. The Grenade Launcher fires bouncing explosives that includes a cluster grenade option while the Drone Launcher sends smart aerial drones to attack enemies in a swarm of laser fire or a “suicide option” where drones crash into foes for explosive damage.
  • Towers – Two new towers power-up the available defensive options. The Friendship Laser fires a single-shot laser and will also channel laser power to neighboring Friendship Laser towers, amplifying damage against monsters. The Mind Control Spire changes enemies into allies that attack other monsters for a few seconds.
  • Tougher Opposition – New adversaries include the aggressive and highly armored Heavy Pup and the flying Bliskeblaske that changes when taking damage into a more hardened, defensive form.
  • Perks – Seven new perks give gamers additional skills including the ability to call for defensive shield reinforcements, increased damage when firing next to a tower, and the lightning “Zeus Module” that dramatically upgrades tower damage.
  • Four Additional Maps – Each of the four new map levels are introduced with their own comic book style pages, giving players a deeper view into The Pursuit story.

The pack will cost $5, but is included in the $12 season pass, which will also cover the fourth and final expansion. Sanctum 2 itself goes for $15 on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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