The Fighter Within requires 5 feet of play space for optimum Kinect brawling

By Dave Owen, Monday, 21 October 2013 10:39 GMT

The biggest improvement to Kinect being touted in the run-up to the Xbox One launch is that it requires a great deal less space to be used effectively. This means that Ubisoft’s launch title The Fighter Within will only need around 5 feet of play space. Which isn’t too bad, really.

The news comes via an interview with Luc Verdier, a producer from developer Daoka, featured on Xbox Wire. He focuses on how improved Kinect technology will make the game a better experience than what players are used to from motion-controlled games.

“There are multiple benefits offered by the new Kinect,” he says. “First of all, the recognition is way more precise. The sensor can actually track each of your fingers, and even your eyes. The good news is that the exclusion of objects has also been greatly improved so this great recognition is not disturbed by all the items around you, or people passing behind you while you’re playing.

“You actually do not need much distance to play. A few feet is enough to play, though I’d recommend about 5 feet, as I have a large TV screen, like most gamers I guess. And to play 1 versus 1 safely, you’ll probably want to leave a couple feet between you and your friend too!”

The Fighter Within launches alongside Xbox One in November.

Thanks, OXM.

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