Nvidia G-SYNC aims to eliminate stutter, tearing and input lag

By Brenna Hillier, Monday, 21 October 2013 00:57 GMT

Nvidia has found a way to sync monitor refresh rates with GPU output – not the other way round, as is usual – in order to reduce or eliminate some of the most persistent problems of graphics output.

Called G-SYNC, the tech relies on modules installed in monitors, either pre-installed or modded in by savvy home users.

As detailed in a Geforce blog post, the module makes the monitor refresh at the same rate as the GPU outputs, as opposed to syncing the GPU to the monitor’s refresh rate – a relic of the days when displays needed to use a standardised refresh rate.

When the monitor’s refresh rate is used to determine what content is displayed on screen, you end up with input lag. If you use VSync, you get screen tearing, and if you switch it off, you get stuttering. G-SYNC apparently avoids all three problems.

At an event in Montreal, Nvidia roped in John Carmack, Johan Andersson, Tim Sweeney and Mark Rein to talk about the tech, which they seem to have judged very fine indeed, and has had great success testing it with pro gamers.

G-SYNC is just one of a number of recent technologies from Nvidia, such as GameStream and Shadowplay.

Thanks, games.on.net.

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