Forza 5 will feature the Mount Panorama circuit in Bathurst

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 12 October 2013 14:24 GMT

Forza 5 will feature the Mount Panorama circuit in Bathurst, which according to Turn 10 Studios content director, John Wendl, has been one of the most “highly requested tracks for years for the Forza Motorsport series.”

Wendl said Forza 5 was the “right time” to include it, as in the past, the team didn’t have the technology to properly capture and render the circuit.

“Now with digital laser scanning and our all new graphics engine on the Xbox One, we finally have the technology that can let us capture this unique track in all its challenge and grandeur,” he said. “Mount Panorama is a beautifully complex and technically challenging circuit. It’s known for its extreme elevation changes and subtle camber differences throughout the track. To capture all of this intricate detail, we’re now utilizing cutting edge digital laser scanning technology that allows us incredible precision on both the vertical and horizontal axis.

“In 2012, we sent a six-man crew to the circuit for three days. The team captured not only the racing surface itself, but the immediate surrounding areas as well including walls, trees, grandstands and buildings.

“Beyond that, however, we want to provide players with a real feel for what it’s like being at the track, what the light looks like at eight o’clock in the morning, how it feels to climb the hill or blast down the Conrod Straight. We treat all these minute specifics with utmost care.”

Wendl said the team was also able to work with Mark Skaife, six-time Bathurst winner and five-time V8 Supercar Champion, who recently drove the circuit in Forza 5 and validated the accuracy. Skaife was, according to Wendl, “very impressed” with how the team captured the circuit and the sense of elevation through Griffins Bend and up Mount Panorama

“Skaife told us that the Bathurst in Forza Motorsport 5 is the most accurate recreation he’s ever seen, and that’s coming from the undisputed Bathurst master,” said Wendl.

Mount Panorama was also recently announced as being included in Gran Turismo 6.

Forza 5 launches alongside Xbox One November 22.

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