Ouya developer count tops 25,000

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 8 October 2013 05:56 GMT

Ahead of the Android-based microconsole’s European launch, Ouya has attracted over 25,000 developers.

The extraordinary figure comes from Ouya itself, according to a Develop report.

The number reflects how many developers have registered, but since the console acts as its own development kit, anybody who owns one can sign up as a developer. Ouya did not say how many of the 25,000 registered users are actively developing projects.

Ouya launches in Europe later this month; it’s been available in the UK and US for four months.

The Ouya store now boasts 466 games. One of Ouya’s notable quirks is that all games published on its store must have a free-to-play version, trial, or demo available, so you can play without shelling out anything beyond its hardware ticket price.

Opinion is divided on the crowdfunded hardware’s success; some say it’s too early to judge its performance, and Ouya is happy with an 8% attach rate. Some developers have said they’re quite pleased with better than expected sales.

Recently, the company made a push to secure more games by offering to match crowdfunding. The scheme in its initial form was open to abuse, and a couple of games were withdrawn or removed from the program as a result. It has since been altered.

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