Microsoft issues Kinect marketing statement: will not target ads, “unless you choose to allow us to do so”

By Dave Cook, Tuesday, 8 October 2013 11:25 GMT

Xbox One and Kinect marketing chatter has caused a bit of a stir this week, after an Advertising Age report suggested that Microsoft was poised to share captured marketing data with third-party firms. The company has since debunked the article, and has now issued a further statement on the matter.

Over on Twitter, Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb discussed quotes that came from Yusuf Mehdi and stressed that Microsoft will not be collecting data via Kinect to “share or sell”. Check out what he said in full here.

Now, a Microsoft spokesperson has issued a fresh statement on the matter to Eurogamer which addresses the matter further.

It reads, “The comments in Ad Age attributed to Yusuf Mehdi were not in relation to Kinect. We do not have plans to target ads or content to you based on any data Kinect collects. We have a long-standing commitment to your privacy and will not target ads to you based on any data Kinect collects unless you choose to allow us to do so.

“Furthermore, we will give you a clear explanation of what is collected and how it will be used. Importantly, we do not collect your personal information to share or sell to third parties, and you are fully in control over what personal data is shared.

“We have strict policies to protect your privacy and these policies will continue to be upheld with our next generation product.”

What do you make of the above?

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