James Pond Kickstarter has been cancelled by Gameware

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 8 October 2013 15:00 GMT

The James Pond Kickstarter has been cancelled by the developer Gameware, as it felt the project wasn’t going to meet its funding goal.

According to an update posted on the Kickstarter page, the team had 12 days left to raise £100,000 for the project and so far, only 336 had backed it with £16,000 pledged.

“Although we have 12 days to go it’s clear that we aren’t going to make our £100,000 goal, so instead of pretending otherwise and continuing the updates we’ve decided to be honest with ourselves and with you and stop,” reads the update. “The campaign wasn’t the success we’d hoped for. This was for a few reasons, all of which we plan on addressing and then making a come back with a new, stronger campaign.

“We humbly acknowledge that you all deserve to see more evidence of what we might do to make the game, and recognise that what we had wasn’t enough. We are working on this. So for now we would like to thank everyone that helped in any way, we are incredibly grateful for all your kind comments and support.

“But is this the end for Pond? We sure hope not! If there’s one thing we’ve learned from running this campaign it’s that there sure is still a lot of love for this plucky secret agent fish and we believe it’ll only take the right game and the right campaign to make James Pond 4 a reality.

“So stay tuned and we will be back with more news soon.”

The James Pond Kickstarter went live on September 20 and was slated for Android, Linux, PC, PS3, PS4,Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360, iOS and Ouya.

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