Rand Miller, creator of Myst teases new Kickstarted project at Cyan Worlds

By Ewan Miller, Monday, 7 October 2013 05:58 GMT

Speaking about the history of the beloved adventure series at Indiecade, Rand Miller (who co-created Myst alongside his brother Robyn) mentioned that Cyan Worlds are putting together a “larger project” to take advantage of the “awesome opportunity” that is Kickstarter. Alongside this announcement, an ARG has been running for some days on Cyan’s forums, hopefully leading to more info soon.

Apparently that image contains some kind of coded information about a new project, but hell if I know. If you want to follow along with the ARG, check out this thread.

Although Cyan Worlds haven’t worked on a bigger project in some time, Miller praised the mobile market for allowing the company to “stay alive” if only “sometimes barely”, through releasing ports of Myst.

“We’ve got some bigger ideas, some of them we’ve had for a while that we’d love to do and publishers were kind of like, ‘Yeah we want something new and different,’ and we’d show them and they’d go, ‘…Yeah, not that,”” he said at the panel.

“Kickstarter to me is an awesome opportunity, and so yeah, we’re putting together something for a larger project in the future.”

Although he gave no hint as to what that project might entail, he did speak at length about the company’s experiments with the Oculus Rift.

“We just had realMyst on Oculus Rift and we were wandering around in there. It’s a really cool feeling and then you go throw up in the bathroom and then you come back and try again. But it feels like you’re there in some really amazing ways…I think it’s another level that’s intriguing.”

Thanks, PC World and TheWulf.

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