Defect SDK is a spaceship design game being partially funded by the Australian Government

By Ewan Miller, Monday, 7 October 2013 03:31 GMT

Three Phase Interactive has announced Defect SDK (Spaceship Design Kit) a game based around the concept of iterative design. Using a simple “tile based construction system”, you assemble a ship and then fly it around the galaxy, preying on less powerful models. Because that’s what you do, unfortunately, when it becomes clear that your ship is the strongest, your crew will likely betray you and keep the ship for themselves. Then you have to iterate on your previous design, add another gun and go hunt them down. Check out a trailer below.

The game is one of 12 projects being partly funded by my state government of Victoria, through Film Victoria, who just this year redressed their mandate to cater more to experimental games as well as those targeting mobile platforms.

The game is set to offer thousands of ship parts, allowing you to build anything from a one man fighter to a small death star, although Three Phase Interactive recommends you “also build in flaws that can be exploited later when your crew inevitably defects”. Sounds tricky. You will be able to share your best ship designs to the cloud and download them cross platform.

Defect SDK is currently being built with a release next year on PC, Android, iOS and Mac next year. Three Phase Interactive are hoping to release an alpha for desktop users soon and reccomend suers interested sign up to their mailing list.

Thanks, Kotaku.

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