Beyond: Two Souls PS3 trophies go live, only three are visible

By Dave Cook, Monday, 7 October 2013 11:35 GMT

Beyond: Two Souls’ PS3 trophy list has appeared online ahead of the game’s October 8 release. Only three of them aren’t secret trophies, but we may update the last after launch, so just in case, BEWARE OF MANY SPOILERS.

I finished Beyond at the weekend ahead of my big appraisal tomorrow at 4pm UK. Check back for that later, but for now, the following list was compiled by PS3 Trophies. So thanks again for that guys.

Collected all trophies!

Two Souls – Bronze
Launched a scene in Duo mode.

All Endings… – Gold
Saw all endings.

There are also 43 secret trophies that we may update after the game is out. It’s really a game that has spoilers left, right and center, so I’d rather not piss people off before the game’s even released, if at all. What do you think?

Are you looking forward to Beyond? Let us know below.

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