Steam Controller: Creative Assembly could make a controller configuration for Total War: Rome 2 “within half an hour, certainly within an hour”

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 4 October 2013 18:39 GMT

The Creative Assembly was able to try out Valve’s Steam Controller and according to the developers, it could put out a controller configuration file together for Total War: Rome 2 “within half an hour, certainly within an hour.”

Speaking with PCgamesN, brand manager Rob Bartholomew said the team, after logging into Steam, scrolled over to Rome Total War 2, hit Go “just messed around with the default controls.”

“Now obviously, it’s just the standard Steam default control setting that applies to all new games that are booted up that don’t have developer customized control settings, so the trackpad on the right moved the mouse around, and the trackpad on the left moved the camera around in Battle and Campaign, and the triggers did left and right output,” he said.

“And that’s all that any user could do, but if we were designing the next Total War or looking at Rome 2 and wanting to release an official CA Rome 2 control config file, I reckon we could get something within half an hour, certainly within an hour.

“The whole team felt pretty good about that being the control mechanism, and then we could just release that online and guys can share that or customise or add to it or just scrap the whole thing and design their own control config for the controller.”

Bartholomew said the team would have to make “some concessions” to the controller in the game’s UI before its launch but users will have the same flexibility as keyboard and mouse “at least 99% of the time”.

It sounds rather interesting and you can read more on the team’s thoughts through the link.

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