Mojang appoints new vice president, with a twist

By Dave Cook, Thursday, 3 October 2013 09:30 GMT

Mojang founder Markus ‘Notch’ Persson typically hires his own superiors, but the hiring of the company’s new vice president comes with something of an odd twist.

CEO Carl Manneh said in a statement on the matter, “A few months back I had a casual conversation in the office kitchen talking about the insane amount of things going on at Mojang. I said something in the lines of ‘I wish I could clone myself’. I remember Tobias mumbling something like ‘I’ll look into that’.

“Yesterday Tobias came back to me and said he had something to show me. Introducing Mojang’s new Vice President: Jonas Martensson! Sometimes it’s just nice to be able to clone yourself… or hire your twin brother.”

Here’s a picture of Manneh and Martensson side by side. It’s weird.

Writing on his new Twitter account, Martensson said, “Extremely impressed by the talent at Mojang and what @notch has created. This will be fun.”

This is Martensson’s first week at Mojang, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Via PCGamesN.

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