MechWarrior Online: Community Warfare expansion rolling out over next six months, details here

By Dave Cook, Tuesday, 1 October 2013 08:58 GMT

MechWarrior Online’s Community Warfare expansion will roll out over the next six months, and will implement big changes to the way several core areas of the game work. Get the details here.

PCGamer reports that the game’s creative director Bryan Ekman discussed the expansion at MechWarrior Online’s launch party last month.

Ekman said that Faction Warfare is being implemented in a way that means, “Every single match has a reference now, a meaning, a purpose.” He added that a new progression overhaul will see three distinct player types – identified by developer Piranha Games – rewarded in new ways through contracts.

Mercenary lone wolf players are those who just run solo and will very much be a focus of this new expansion, while those loyal to factions will be able to earn loyalty points and extra ranks for being faithful to a faction over time. Then there’s the mercenary unit player, which is a jack of all trades player who can complete group contracts when grouped with players from mercenary corporations.

Ekman added, “We made contracts a personal matter. This is something you do as an individual or you’re in a merc unit as one of the leaders who is entitled to actually try to acquire contracts.”

The idea is that completed contracts will reward you as a lone wolf individual, your unit, or your faction loyalty points, experience and C-Bills currency. It’s to ensure that no matter how you play, you will always receive tangible rewards for your efforts. You can accept as many of these objectives as you wish, but Ekman warned that failing contracts will result in some – as yet undecided – penalty.

Contract types include occupying territory, engaging other groups in skirmishes, bounties and more.

The updates will be rolled out over the next six months.

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