GTA Online rep system can brand people ‘Bad Sports’, good players will be rewarded

By Dave Cook, Tuesday, 1 October 2013 15:10 GMT

GTA Online is live and VG247’s Dave Cook is playing now. He’s noticed some information on how the rep system works.

This is probably the shortest thing I’ve ever written – as I’m playing it now – but the GTA Online menus explain that players who are abusive to others over time will be labelled ‘Bad Sports’ and as such, will only be match-made with other ‘Bad Sports’.

Interestingly, one loading screen tip said that good players with positive rep will be periodically rewarded.

I have no idea what that means, but it’s only day one and the service has just begun.

Also, I’ve robbed a store. You can totally shout down your mic to get the poor shop clerk to hurry up. Poor guy. My Scottish accent probably terrified him rigid.

What do you think of the above?

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