Volition’s Jim Boone wants DICE to resurrect the Red Faction series

By Dave Cook, Monday, 30 September 2013 11:40 GMT

Red Faction may have gone AWOL since Armageddon failed to ignite big sales, but Volition Inc senior producer Jim Boone has said if anyone can resurrect its blend of destruction and gunplay, it’s Battlefield 4 studio DICE.

Speaking with OXM, Boone said of DICE, “The fact that they have had experience, and understand what it means to perform destruction, and what kind of compromises you actually have to make – maximising the opportunities that it presents from a design standpoint. I think you almost by definition have to be someone who has some experience in destruction so yeah, I’d totally be giving it up to DICE, if I could choose anyone.”

Elsewhere, Boone stated that Volition’s GeoMod destruction engine makes for more accurate destruction that DICE’s Frostbite tech, but stressed that Battlefield’s approach was definitely smarter. He continued, “In Red Faction, I could destroy every single bit of wall I wanted to. In Bad Company, I could destroy one part of wall, but the outer edges would stay. And the gamer didn’t care.

“They just thought ‘I shot that wall and it blew up and that’s amazing.’ Not ‘I shot the wall right there and there’s a hole right there.’ Because DICE made that one compromise, everything else looked amazing. And I think that was a smart call, frankly.”

Would you like to see DICE handed the keys to Red Faction? Let us know what you think below.

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