PS4 more popular among consumers than Xbox One, according to Reuters poll

By Dave Cook, Monday, 30 September 2013 09:31 GMT

PlayStation 4 will be this holiday season’s format of choice, according to a poll conducted by Reuters and Ipsos.

Yahoo News reports that the poll was conducted last week – between Sept 23-27 and some 1,297 people were surveyed. 26 per cent of those consulted said they would buy a PS4 at or after launch, while 15 per cent preferred the Xbox One.

The gap is said to widen when sampling the 408 people polled under the age of 40, with 41 per cent favouring PS4, and 27 per cent looking to buy an Xbox One.

Off the bat, I’m wondering why most of the people polled were over the age of 40, seeing as the target demographic is currently hitting heights of 35, but that’s by-the-by.

Of the 1,297 respondent people polled, only 3 per cent said they played games on Wii U. 20 percent on Xbox 360, 18 per cent on PS3 and 20 per cent on home computers.

PS4 releases November 15 and 29 in the US and EU respectively, while Xbox One drops November 22 in both regions.

What do you make of the stats above?

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