World of Warplanes update adds new British planes

By Dave Owen, Friday, 27 September 2013 13:06 GMT

World of Warplanes, currently in open beta, has received update 0.5.3, which adds a new line of British RAF planes along with their tech trees. There’s also new control schemes, sound engine, two new maps, and a few other nice things.

Wargaming has added 12 British aircraft, including the Blenheim F., Skua, Javelin, and the iconic Spitfire. The two new maps are Fjords, which provides perilous mountainous landscapes, and Eastern Front, which takes place over a city. The new sound engine utilises genuine recordings of engines, guns, and cannons.

Some planes have also been removed: the F5U, 109TL, LBSh, J4M1 and Me.609 will be removed from tech trees and will not be available for players to purchase. If you already own any of them you’ll receive compensation, even though the planes will remain in your hangar.

Then there of course balancing tweaks, performance optimisation, and some additional customisation options for mouse, joystick, and gamepad. For a full list of the update’s changes head over to World of Warplane’s official site.

Thanks, Polygon.

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