Kojima: Metal Gear Solid 5 ‘betrayal’ might be a good thing

By Dave Owen, Wednesday, 25 September 2013 11:46 GMT

After a half hour gameplay showing at TGS last week, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s prologue Ground Zeroes has attracted ire from a section of fans who are worried that certain elements of gameplay, such as the introduction of regenerating health, are too far removed from the series’ previous iterations. Hideo Kojima took to Twitter to respond.

“Unlike those old days where creators devote themselves creating game in the cell, today’s game development is more open to public,” Kojima tweeted. “We try to create detailed directions by doing focus test repeatedly w[ith] users from the world.

“This is one of the intentions founding LA studio,” he continued. “Although, you can’t expect excitement by providing what all users wished. Betrayal in good way w/i acceptable limits is needed. Because game is entertainment. But as long as it is an interactive, we need to adjust controls & systems reflected to the time we live today.”

Making changes to a long-running and well-loved series is always going to be difficult – it’s impossible to please everyone. But innovation is healthy for any series, and it’s certainly too early too be criticising the choices made. By now, Metal Gear fans should have a bit of faith in Kojima.

Have a look at the TGS footage and make up your own mind.

Thanks, OXM.

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