Horizon now in beta on Steam Early Access, new trailer and screens

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 24 September 2013 02:04 GMT

L3O’s 4X strategy effort Horizon has gone into beta after ten weeks of alpha via Steam Early Access. Catch up on what’s new and see the latest assets through the break.

L3O said player feedback has been essential to reaching the latest development milestone. Here’s what has been added in the latest update:

  • A more challenging game experience:
    – A.I. now dynamically adjusts its aggressiveness against the player
    – A.I. now plans and executes various military actions with the help of an overall mastermind, several types of tacticians and a fleet coordinator
    – Improved path finding for ships
    – A more balanced game economy and colony population rates
    – Colony management will now require more decision-making and allow for specialized worlds
  • A race report view has been added that keeps a history of major events relating to the race
  • Additional story missions have been added
  • 12 new Human ship designs added
  • Improved UI and higher resolution animation scenes
  • Galaxy generation with many more stars for bigger and longer gameplay sessions
  • Many fixes and better handling of non-standard windows system configurations

Horizon boasts turn based tactical combat with full ship movement and management, an open world system, diplomacy, orbital defences, over 80 technologies with ten levels of upgrade each, customised ships and weapons, a detailed economy and management system, and galaxies of up to 100 star systems.

You can buy in for $25.

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