Elder Scrolls Online blog discusses Orc race, Daggerfall Covenant

By Dave Cook, Tuesday, 24 September 2013 11:09 GMT

The Elder Scrolls Online developer Zenimax Online Studios has discussed the MMO’s Orc race, Daggerfall Covenant and more in a new fan Q&A blog. Get the details here.

The post was published last night, and when asked if the city of Orsinium would feature in the MMO, the studio replied, “Thanks to the treaty with the Daggerfall Covenant, Orsinium has been restored to the Orcs of Wrothgar, and they are rebuilding and reoccupying it. Southern Wrothgar is under the control of King Kurog of Orsinium, but north of the city the region is still a patchwork of strongholds.”

Responding to another fan, Zenimax explained the bond between Orcs and the Daggerfall Covenant further, “As mentioned above, the Orcs of Wrothgar have long been ambitious to have their own state, and these ambitions have been repeatedly crushed over the millennia. Their membership in the Covenant is one more attempt at organization and recognition.”

You may remember the ‘patchwork of strongholds’ mentioned above from Skyrim, and Zenimax shed light on their appearance in The Elder Scrolls Online “Orcs live in strongholds in the mountains throughout northern Tamriel,” the post continued. “Most of them keep to themselves, staying out of the wars of Men and Elves. The Orcs of Wrothgar, who are signatories to the Daggerfall Covenant, are the exception, having long had ambitions of nationhood.”

Are you a fan of Orcs? Are you looking forward to meeting them again in The Elder Scrolls Online? Let us know below.

The MMO hits PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2014.

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